Mobile Device Energy Consumption

Mobile Device Energy Consumption

Altough the processing capabilities of mobile devices have grown rapidly, the battery technologies have challenges to keep up with the pace. In this study on mobile device energy consumption, two different aspects have been emphasized. First, the aim was to understand how different types of 3D content such as geometry, surface texture maps and materials affect the mobile device energy consumption. Second, the aim was to investigate whether the mobile device energy consumption could be formulated in a general way as a mathematical model, which could be used for predicting the energy consumption of any given 3D space.
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Seamus Hickey

Research lead

Timo Koskela

Project manager 2012/04-2013

Jarkko Vatjus-Anttila

Technical lead
Vatjus-Anttila, JM., Koskela, T., and Hickey, S. (2013). Effect of 3D Content Simplification on Mobile Device Energy Consumption. In Proc. Academic MindTrek Conference, October 1-4, Tampere, Finland.
Vatjus-Anttila, JM., Koskela, T., and Hickey, S. (2013). Energy Consumption Model of a Mobile GPU Based on Rendering Complexity. In Proc. 7th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies (NGMAST), September 25-27, Prague, Czech Republic.
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