Portals for Traversing Virtual Spaces

Portals for Traversing Virtual Spaces

For navigating between multiple concurrent 3D spaces, the use of virtual portals has been studied. As a result, techniques have been implemented that support up to four concurrent client-server connections initiated either to a single server or up to four different servers. In terms of memory and processing power, the techniques provide significant resource savings when participating in multiple 3D spaces. The implementation also provides two different UI methods, 2D tabs and 3D portals, for navigating between multiple 3D spaces. The implemented techniques have been integrated as part of the realXtend Tundra.

Portals for Traversing Virtual Spaces

Leena Arhippainen

Senior researcher

Seamus Hickey

Research lead

Minna Pakanen


Jukka Vatjus-Anttila

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