Creative Methods for Catching UX

Creative Methods for Catching UX

In user centric design approach, it is important to find optimal methods to gain the best possible input from user studies. When investigating the 3D user experience and designing 3D user interfaces (UIs), several research methods for catching user experiences in early design and development phase were created. These provided valuable tools to investigate the user needs and wishes for 3D UIs on touch screen tablet sized devices. Creative methods were used to engage users in the design process and user evaluations of 3D UIs with an easy and understandable manner.
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Leena Arhippainen

Senior researcher

Minna Pakanen

Arhippainen, L., Pakanen, M., Hickey, S. (2013). Mixed UX Methods Can Help to Achieve Triumphs. In Proc. ACM CHI workshop on Made for Sharing: HCI Stories for Transfer, Triumph and Tragedy. Law, E. L-C., Hvannberg, E.T. Vermeeren, A.P.O.S. Cockton, G., Jokela, T. (eds).
Arhippainen, L., Pakanen, M. & Hickey, S. (2012). Designing 3D Virtual Music Club Spaces by Utilizing Mixed UX Methods: From Sketches to Self-Expression Method. In Proc. Academic MindTrek Conference, October 3-5, Tampere, Finland, 178-184.
Arhippainen, L., and Pakanen, M. (2013). Utilizing Self-Expression Template Method in User Interface Design - Three Design Cases. In Proc. Academic MindTrek Conference, October 1-4, Tampere, Finland.
Arhippainen, L., Pakanen, M. and Hickey, S. (2013). Studying User Experiences on Depth in 3D User Interface by a Paper Prototype as a Part of the Mixed Methods Evaluation Procedure. In Proc. 6th International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions (ACHI), February 24 - March 1, Nice, France.
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